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Alpine - GSC (H) - Premium Disposable .3g


Effects: Full Body, Relaxing, Calming, Heady, Creative

Unfortunately this is one batch of girl scout cookies you should probably hold back from eating. Not the best idea. Instead, sit back, take a few puffs, and watch as the world around you gets a little bit brighter by the second. This potent mixture is a match made in hybrid heaven. the notorious GSC mix brings the absolute best properties sativa and indica while delivering a happy, heady, and clear-minded high. It is a multiple award winner for a reason. As if that wasn't enough, it packs a punch with an outstanding 80.14% THC count, while tagging along a helpful 1.31% CBD level while it's at it. Each kit comes with a cartridge and battery ready to use.

THC: 80.14% CBD: 1.31%

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