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THC - Premium Vape Kit (S) - .5g


Effects: Cerebral, Awake, Motivated, Giddy

Made from our own private, premium stock of THC vape kits, you can count on this being a ride to remember. The Sativa option is the perfect place to start for potent and motivational results. It is an invigorating rush of euphoria and energy, This makes it the perfect kit to start with to get your to-do list done. Whether you're heading to the park for a pick-up game, buckling down with some homework, or heading out to meet your friends at the club, it combines its top-shelf ingredients with 85.53% THC and a hint of 0.19% CBD. These cerebral effects last for hours as you ride the wave into a happier headspace. Each THC Vape Kit comes standard with a useful battery, charger and .5g cartridge of premium extract.

THC: 85.53% CBD: 0.19%

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